NEWS : 24-Sep-2019 Wohoo! In cooperation with SimoneCoin, we're glad to introduce the newest addition to our S.M.A.R.T. Plans - SON S.M.A.R.T. Plan! Period: 6 months Interest rate: 7.5% You can start earning on your own SON coins right now! | 30-Aug-2019 - SimoneCoin has been featured by CoinMarketCap. This became possible due to fruitfull cooperation of Simone team with our partners at p2pb2b (, and WhiteBit ( Check us there now and use your chance to trade SON on WhiteBit! | Update - If you have 100 Simone coins you can claim on 01-07-2020 for 100 Dollers | NEWS !! 1 April 2020 - Now Simone Coin has listed on | 09 AUG 2019 - Now Simone Coin has listed on exchange | 26 JUL 2019 - - It has been announced on that simone coin has listed on their exchange | Update - SIMONE Coin is also listed on | Helpline : :----twitter :----Facebook | Total Visitors Visitor Hit Counter

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What is Simone Coin ?

Simonecoin is the symbol of trust.

Simonecoin is an innovative method for Investment/Payment network. You can earn minimum 12% PA interest surely on your investment.If you are really thinking of investment, then now you are at the right time, right place. Simonecoin has high growth coin as its first level started with $0.1 on 1st July 2019 and its All Time High $19,999.03 (Jun 25, 2020) on now its price is increasing gradually with the time. It is a very strong coin due to the mathematical strategy (Pascal) and secured with Waves blockchain. You can sell and Buy Simone coin with pair SON/USD, SON/BTC, SON/ETH on and Trading platform.

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Circulating Supply : 10759 | Total Supply : 99719.00

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All traffic and private keys are encrypted and stored only on your device. Face ID, Touch ID and Fingerprint scanning are supported. Simone Coins will be listing soon on multiple exchanges.

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Simone Coin Trading

Use modern progressive technologies of Simone Coin to earn money.
Simone coin's Company is a financing organization engaged in financial services. It is one of the most efficient service and creative value on a large scale. We provide the finance to robotic Industry, machinery loan, crypto currency loan and industry loan.
We also promote Micro,Small and Medium Enterprises to scale up their business thereby being catalysts in generating jobs

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Start earning from your own deposits. Clear investment plans and time frames for investments. We put our marketing budget in SMART, so every user can benefit from it. Instead of spending money on ads, we’d rather share it with you. Fixed percentage from investment for a specific period of time.

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